Boyfriend Care Package Ideas to Keep Things Exciting From a Distance

With the world on lockdown, it can be hard to find ways to bring joy to your loved ones. Especially for guys, who are often certified DTSF (Difficult To Shop For)! Even amidst a pandemic, it can be easy to assemble a heartwarming, sentimental care package for your beloved boyfriend. Scroll for excellent boyfriend care package ideas at three different price points!

Premade Care Packages and Kits Under $100

When you’re head over heels, you want to bring the biggest of smiles to that special someone’s face. These four care package ideas under $100 are bound to impress even the most sullen dude.

1. Show Him He’s Total Boyfriend Goals

'For the Best Boyfriend' Premade Care Package


In quarantine, it can be hard to find ways to connect and make your partner feel loved. Virtual declarations of love can get repetitive, and with stores closed or limited, it can be hard to shop for him. The Boyfriend Goals Package is designed to safely let your boyfriend know how incredibly awesome he is, even if you’re long-distance. 

2. For the Man You Miss the Most: Missin’ You Care Package

Long Distance Boyfriend Care Package


Sometimes all he needs to feel wanted is to hear is how much you miss him. These premade Missin’ You Care Packages are a guaranteed success with your boyfriend, especially if his love language is receiving gifts! They can be personalized to make it unique, and include free shipping within the US and Canada.

3. The Man with All the Glow: Self Care Kit for Men

Boyfriend Self Care Package

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If you have a care-conscious man in your life, send him a self care kit. Notable items include beard oil, facial sunscreen, nail clippers, cologne, or hand soap! 

4. For Men Who Love a Good Bubbly: Alcohol Tasting Kit

Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash 

Missing nights out with bae? Wondering how to recreate date night from home? Send a tequila tasting kit, wine tasting kit, or craft beer so he can sit back and sip while catching the game from the comfort of his house. 

Unique Care Package Ideas Under $50

Sometimes the perfect addition to a boyfriend care package is a little something that will make him feel cozy and loved. If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts to send with some goodies for a birthday, milestone, or just because, these cute, less expensive ideas are sure to make him smile. 

1. Hug in a Mug Mug

Boyfriend Gift Ideas Birthday


Support small businesses and spice up his morning coffee with a cute sentimental mug! It comes with an adorable satchel of random compliments to make him blush, and can be purchased alongside tea and cookies. Send it to a college student to keep their study juice (read: coffee) warm and delicious! It’s the perfect addition to your boyfriend’s care package. The best part? You can send it directly to his doorstep in just a few clicks!

2. Key to My Heart Greeting Card

Boyfriend Small Gift Ideas


To spice up his certified “I take this to work every single day” bag, his “this thing has seen too many gyms” bag, or even his grocery bag, add a heartfelt keychain to a care package. It comes with a sweet message to generate smiles, and makes the perfect card to finish off a gift.

3. Beard Grooming Kit

Romantic Gifts for Him

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The perfect lockdown gift, a grooming kit could come in handy when a barber shop is out of the question. Throw in some beard oil or aftershave to complete the perfect boyfriend kit! 

4. Comfortable Pajamas

Boyfriend Gift Care Package Quarantine

Photo by Mukuko Studio on Unsplash

If you’re looking for items to send in a care package, pajamas are a good way to amp up his work-from-home setup. Anything from a dinosaur onesie to soft flannel pants to classic dad shorts will do. Who knows, maybe they’ll make an appearance during your next cozy Zoom date. Taco pajama pants? That’s totally fetch. 

Sentimental Boyfriend Gifts Under $25

Small appreciation gifts can go a long way, especially when packed into a delightful care package. These items double as perfect gestures for a college student, and can be sent alongside any products above to create a truly spectacular boyfriend care package.

1. Custom Imprinted Pencils

Unique Gifts for Boyfriend


Getting personalized gifts feels as amazing as getting a tech support agent right away. For a super sweet gift, order a set of custom pencils. You can add an inside joke, a subtle flirtation, a tragically cheesy pun, or a simple “I love you” to upgrade his stationary setup.

This also doubles as the perfect gift for your stressed college boyfriend. Whether he’s pencilling in your anniversary, a final exam, or that one thing he thought of in the shower yesterday, this small business delivers.  

2. Ultra-Cozy Reading Socks

Romantic Care Package Ideas for Him

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

What’s the best winter gift for a boyfriend care package? Few things beat fuzzy reading socks. Add an e-reader gift card or a book on his reading list and you’ve set the wheels in motion for a relaxing novel sesh. For extra appeal, match the socks to the above pencils— any guy is sure to appreciate the little details. Even if it takes him a while to notice, that’s what unconditional love is for. 

3. Hand Cream and Moisturizer

DIY Care Package for Boyfriend

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Let’s face it though, sometimes sandpaper hands can put that unconditional love to the test! You go to grab his hand during a scary movie, and make contact with steel wool. Add a soft touch to a boyfriend care package by including a gentle moisturizer. If you want to go all-out, find a moisturizer to match a pair of socks and some imprinted pencils. Bonus points if they’re all his favourite colour!

4. For Music Lovers: a Vinyl 

Best Boyfriend Care Package Ideas

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

What’s a song you danced together to? What’s an album that reminds you of his personality? For the music-loving couples, a vinyl record can be the auditory equivalent of having a sentimental photo printed. You could start a record collection, or even jazz up your interior design by hanging it on the wall!

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Whether your care package is beautifully premade, lovingly compiled, or crafted by hand, it’s the thought and consideration that counts! To all the quarantine couples out there: amor vincit omnia (love conquers all). To see more grin-worthy care packages, check out our collection of best sellers.